Lighthouse Collectibles

Staff September 24, 2018 0
Lighthouse Collectibles

The collection of miniature lighthouses and the related decorations of the sea and the beach can be a very rewarding hobby. For those who have grown up close to the headlights, having a favorite replica nearby can bring back precious memories. Other collectors have traveled and visited lighthouses or are attracted to the themes of the sea and the beach. They like to include the headlights in their furnishings, creating a sense of easy charm. Many collectors have decided to decorate entire pieces around their headlights, with very interesting results.

If lighthouse keepers have few or many collectible headlights, there are ways to include them as focal points or main accent pieces in the sea or beach-themed rooms. These rooms have a classic design and should not have changed over the years. They invite visitors to sit back, relax and feel at ease, as rooms that reflect the beauty of nature are automatically attractive.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate the lighthouse collectibles into your decor, start with a room, whether it’s a kitchen, a bedroom, or a family room. It is usually best to think first about the wall space, setting the tone and background of the spatial environment. It may be necessary to temporarily empty the parts and cover the furniture with fabrics to paint the walls. It’s not really a complicated process and the wall can be painted in a day. The right color of the wall should focus on the lighthouse collections. Safe colors include light and medium blue and shades of white.

Next, take out your collection of lighthouses and look at them. What main colors are distinguished? If you still do not know which color of the wall to choose, go for the safe bets mentioned above: white and white and light to deep blue. To create a focal point with the headlights of the collection, consider painting the backs of the display cases of at least three darker shades of the walls. This decorative makeup will automatically draw attention to the headlights and create a sense of depth that will activate your collectible items. Of course, you can also place these lights in the room, on tables and tables or in books on the shelves. Aim for a light and easy feeling with lots of accents that complement the headlights, like replica ships.

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