Green Cape Lighthouse

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Green Cape Lighthouse
Green Cape Lighthouse
This was the first concrete lighthouse tower building in Australia. It’s a 29Metres tower that makes it the second tallest lighthouse in Australia.Green Cape Light House is located on land bordering a National park
It is one of the Light-station in New South Wales. During construction, there emerges a problem, when a 6m clay was found therefore a foundation of 9Metres had to be dug.
The Original C. B Revolving Lantern that was being fueled by Mantle and Kerosene was capable of producing 100,000C for a radius about 34KM.
The light produced was first electrified in 1962 and later upgraded in 1967 to 1,000,000C. The Tower has currently been replaced by an faster-automated Lattice tower that is being powered by a Solar.
The tower is open for guided tours on some particular days of the week. Visitors are recommended to make a reservation for guided tours. Accommodation is readily available with the two assistant Keeper’s Cottages which can be used by up to 6 people.

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