Felgueiras Lighthouse Review

Staff February 12, 2019 0
Felgueiras Lighthouse Review

The Felgueiras Lighthouse, Porto, Portugal is among one of the largest tourist attractions in the country. It is a world-class destination, and people come from far and wide to view this great monument. Apart from being a great spot for seeing the Douro river merging with the Atlantic Ocean, the lighthouse provides a spectacular view of this part of the Portuguese coastline and a breathtaking glimpse of the Atlantic ocean.

The Felgueiras Lighthouse was constructed in 1886, and it was deactivated in 2009. Currently, the pier to the lighthouse is open to the public, and it serves as a leisure spot for both local and international visitors, who come to take photos of the area and enjoy the scenic beauty.
There has been a substantial increase in the number of tourists visiting this destination since it was opened to the public. The lighthouse can be reached by boarding the Linha 1 tram in from downtown Porto to Foz.



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