All Information About Lighthouse History

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All Information About Lighthouse History

The lighthouse history refers to the development of using the towers, the buildings, or even other types of structures. Their main purpose is to aid in navigating the maritime pilots at the sea or on the inland waterways. Firstly, the lighthouse was known as Pharos of Alexandria, that stood with 350 feet which are 110 meters high.

Romans built many lighthouses tower in a course of increasing their empire, and during 400 BC, 30 of them were in the service from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. These included the famous lighthouse in Ostia, port of Rome, which was completed in the 50s, and the lighthouses in Dover, Englan, and Boulogne, France. The fragment of an original Roman lighthouse in Dover is still surviving.

During the lighthouse history, Phoenicians, the trading from the Mediterranean to Great Britain, become the mark to their route with the lighthouses. These first lighthouses had torches burning or wood fires in an open, sometimes which was protected by the roof. After the first century, oil lamps or candles were being used in the lanterns with the panes of horn or glass.

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